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December 19 2014 - Steve - USA
Just wanted to say hello my name is Steve I used to bartend at Nashville north you might remember me from the seventies I miss that place there was a lot of fun I live in Wisconsin now email me if you get a chance bye by

September 23 2013 - Jim Albrrecht - USA
Did your thumb heal, or does it bother you when it's damp out. Best Regards, Jim Albrecht

December 23 2012 - Karen Hogan - USA
Hey Kirby looks like you ended up back in Nashville.  Just decided to google you and was surprised how easy I found you.  I always felt bad that I lost touch with you and Willie  "Pool Side Rangers" haha. I would love to here from you. Still working at Hogan's Restaurant in Midland Park N.J.  :-)   Karen  xo

January 4 2012 - Helene Barton - Canada
Hi Kirby.  Going through some old papers from the Geneva days which made me google you -- lo and behold there you are!  Delighted you're doing well.  Let me know if you're playing in my neck of the woods - British Columbia.  Hugs, Helene

November 21 2011 - Linda Flemming - USA
Hi Kirby. You won't remember me, but I was a cocktail waitress at Nashville North while you were playing there. I dated Chris Miller for a while. Still in touch with Chris. Can't believe he is a high school band teacher in Florida! I don't see a mention of a record of yours that I have. "Home Town Fugitive" circa 1979.

September 2 2011 - Jerrie Johnson - USA
Hey Kirby,
I played bass with you in "Dave Gibson and Hackenbush" for about a year (after Mike Gaetz left)  at Archie's Nashville North in Bensenville, IL. 
Remember Rick Shryock and Chris Miller?
Hope you are well and I'm glad to see you are still out there.

October 10 2010 - Ronald Mortensen - Norway
Hi there Kirby. Thanks for leting me sing with your great band at the Irish pub in Geneva earlier. It was a lot of fun:)) Heard you're playin' at The Clubhouse oncoming saturday. I'll be comin' to Geneva on thursday, and would love to do  song or two with you and the band again:)) See ya anyway saturday.
Visit our homepage and click on the Clearwaters Creedence Night tab. You'll find tourvideos and other stuff there:)

March 7 2010 - Michael Mckeehan - United States of America
Kirby, Has it really been 30 years since Nashville North and Spanky's? We played a lot of music and raised a lot of hell! Great times! I should have known you would still be all about the music. Bless you and yours. Mike McKeehan
Email :

September 30 2005 - Tom Thady - Nashville - USA
Kirby, glad to see you're doing what you're doing.  Hang in and rave on.tom (still the kid) t

May 16 2005 - Doug and Nat Rubbra and Shpilk...whatever - Switzerland via Canada & Russia
Great website Kirby. Love Saturday nights at C. O'Ns - highlight of our weekends.  Look forward to hearing the country band in person soon.  Didn't know you did guitar too!!!!  Watch out Mark and John...

25 février 2005 - Joëlle Imboden - SUISSE
Bonjour et félicitation pour votre site. Les Rodeo Line Dancers (VD-VS) ont enfin un site Internet 
( Nous avons pris la liberté de vous ajouter à nos liens.
Meilleures salutations.

July 16 2004 - Kim Cecile Muir - USA
hi big brother, kirby!!! 
can't wait to see you in august.. hope i can watch you play those drums!!  it seems long ago that i used to peek through the keyhole at 828 wahington street in evanston and watch you practice on your little rubber drum that terry weiserts husband gave you.!!! you would sit there for hours and practice with one drum stick no wonder you are so damn good!!!  love to you and ursula,
your adoring little sister, kim

June 9 2004 - Chinta Rajap - Switzerland
Hi Kirby,
Working with you on our Parish CD project has been a wonderful experience. Your expertise, technical knowledge, patience and your easy-going approach will always remain your trade mark and in our memories. It has been a joy and 
looking forward to future projects.
Chinta Rajap - John XXIII Parish

11 mai 2004 - Mélanie Baud - Suisse
Salut Kirby,
Juste pour te dire que j'ai adoré le concert pour le vernissage de votre nouveau CD "Four on the Floor". Le groupe est génial et je me réjouis que vous remettiez ça !!
Great groove man !!!!
Bises, Mel.

April 8 2004 - John Intrator - France
hey kirbs, great mix and sound on the latest cd! among other things, your arrangement of my jig'n reel is amazing--wow! greetings to the rest of the gang, and keep rocking!

March 22 2004 
Yeah hardcore man!

July 7 2003 - Jeffrey Hobson - Philippines

Haven't checked in with you for a while and  just wanted to say "hey".  Remember Alejo Poveda?  Saw he is still playing in the City - amazing!  Hope all is well with you, the Band and the family.

July 1 2003 - Don Kennedy - USA
Hi Kirby,
I was just with Paul and found out your'e still overseas.  Cool, I just thouhgt I'd let you know I'm still kicking and living in the windy city.  
Hope you get this.

April 17 2003 - Jack Bivans   - USA
Just peeking in. Great site!!

April 12 2003 - Maude Colleen  - USA
dear uncle kirby!! checking out your website.. just wanted to say HI!   I am your sisters daughter, in case you don't remember me...hope to hear from you soon..
love, maude 

27 février 2003 - The Honky Tonk Farmers band - Suisse
Salut à toute l'équipe des Kirby's band et au plaisir de vous rencontrer lors de notre concert commun du 25.010.2003 à Marin/NE. 
Nous vous invitons à visiter notre site
A bientôt et bisous à Ursula

February 6 2003 - Jack Bivans   - USA
I think the opening photo of the band is great!

December 7 2002 - Claire  Koch   - Suisse
Hello everyone! I think that the songs Kirby sings are great!!Hi to anyone who is in 
Class6T at La Chat!! Truely yours, **Claire**

HI Kirby! I really think you are an absolutely fabolous man and i love your music 
so much!!Thanks for all those great songs! My favourite one was "Rocky Tequila"! I know it by heart. Keepit up,   Claire

HI Kirby! Like ya music lots. Hi to all La Chat students! Hi the most if you are in 
Class 6T!! Keep up the good work Kirby, ***Claire***

September 7 2002 - ANDRE-PAUL  BOURQUIN   - Suisse
Hi Kirby, Gros bisous Ursula.
Tks for the good news. j'espère venir à Versoix pour le petit dernier,
Félicitation à l'heureux père.
your man in black - booboo

May 01 2002 - Marcel & Christiane Vultier  - Suisse
A bientôt et amitié à tous

April 17 2002 - Skeets Mesquita - Canada
howdy y'all:
here's hopin' the good lord is takin'a likin'to y'all in all your current musical endeavours. sittin' here in t.o. and hankerin' fer another shot of "the rebel". keep up yer good work bringin' real music to them thar swiss sodbusters. keep yer powder dry.